.223 / 5.56 H322 50 gr V-max


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Nov 3, 2010
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yukon ok
I went shooting yesterday in the cold and wind.
But only 100 yards and I sent all rounds down range as quick as I could get back on target.

H322 powder at 25.0 gr and mixed cases LC and Federal, Perfecta and CBC.

Did not seem to make a huge difference which case as they were not very full like some powders.
Some powders have the fill right into the base of the neck.
This 25.0 gr was well below the neck.
All brass was filled with the H322 powder from a Lee perfect powder measure.
Pretty happy with the results. No odd fliers.

I was testing seating depths. I wanted too see if one would work in both rifles my Savage Axis 22" with 1:9 twist and my Palmeto 1:7 5.56 16".
2.278" OAL.
2.258" OAL.
2.235" OAL.
.223 22" velocity 3,135 FPS
5.56 16" was 2,904 FPS. for the 2.278" and 2,926 FPS for the 2.235" load.
That is a lot less variance in velocity for the 16" vs 22" barrel vs my H4895 powder.

2.258" was better in the 5.56 and did good in the .223 also so I will stick with that.

At least they all went in the same area not a big difference in point of impact.

Here is the .223 target.
The 5.56 target got a bunch ox extra holes as I let another guy empty some brass for me.

Yea there is a big 357 magnum hole in my target..I had to see if I could hit with irons and the 357 magnum revolver at 100 yards ya know.
Groups for the AR were in the 1.25" to 1.7" area. Not it's favorite load but workable and it has not had the barrel cleaned for a few hundred rounds and a year of shooting.
Yea excuses excuses.
Savage Axis 22" barrel target below.

h322 50 v max 001.JPG

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