38/357..what is your favorite bullet


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May 11, 2016
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You can also make an old school defense load by seating them backwards and glueing a bb in the cavity. Poor man's hydrashock.
I Googled around a bit for info on this. Thanks for mentioning it. :thumb:

Didn't find anything exactly like you describe, but some folks have tried this with regular hollow points. And while it does increase penetration, it doesn't do much for expansion. The "hydra" in "hydra shok" means "hydraulic," so it seems the insert must be softer than the lead, not harder (so it can flow outward and aid expansion).

There's also some concern that it may be legally considered "armor piercing" since the BB basically gives the bullet a steel tip.

Also found one guy that had filled regular HP (in various calibers) with silicone caulk, and said it performed very much like Hornady's critical defense ammo across the board, and that it keeps the HP cup from scooping up debris from layers of clothing. He actually used old Wrangler jeans (several layers) for testing this.

A very interesting subject IMO.


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Nov 3, 2010
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I like the Lee 358-158 SWC gas checked bullet.

But in the Henry rifles a round nose will not hang up like the SWC.

I recently purchased a Lee round nose mold 150 gr

I have powder coated them and have shot them from a 9MM Kimber just the other day.
I sized to .356" and loaded with with 4.7 gr of Bluedot for starters.
Shot well not a full power load but still penetrated all the way through 2 2x6 pine boards and buried
1/2 way through the next board.
Function was being tested and it functioned perfectly.

Loads discussed here are safe in my gun and you must consult/research load data before building loads for your gun.
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