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Want To Buy 40 cal competition 1911/2011

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I like rimfire and rimfire accessories. Yup. Mmhmm
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Jun 11, 2007
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I can't stop thinking about this dang pistol. I missed it by a few hours the last time I was at Firearms Solutions. It was an STI Edge.

Does anyone have a retired competition double stack 1911 or 2011 they'd consider selling?
I really like the STI Edge but I'd be open to other options in that category.
For today, no CZs or CZ knockoffs.
Im trying to find something proven before I just spend the $900 on one of the Rock Island Pro Match Ultras.
I really want to stick with 40.
I have my fill of Austrian double stacks. Looking for something with a hammer.
Optics cut doesn't matter.


As I've said, absolutely not interested in 9mm or single stack for this particular search (I have those covered). I highly doubt I'd be excited enough to jump on a 45, 10mm, or 38super, but you never know.
I'm located in Mustang.
Please limit all replies to PM.
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