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Nov 3, 2010
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yukon ok
One terrible group. 100 Yards.
But this was not for shooting bug holes.
This was just me messing around with components and wanting to know what would happen.

AR15 5.56 16" with 1:7 twist.
Loads were all 40gr Nosler with a very tiny boat tail and pointy plastic tip .

4 Cases were LC14 one was F-C.
All powders were measured by Volume in a pinched brass case and carded off.
I did go ahead and weigh them so I would know if I was over book max.

N133.............. 25.1gr.
Benchmark.. 27.1 gr.
BL-C (2) ........ 28.65 gr.
CFE223.......... 29.1 gr.
Varget............. 26.5 gr.
Shot in that order.

First 2 shots were same height and 2.5" apart
Benchmark went left of the N133.
BL-C(2) went 1.5" below Benchmark.
CFE223 went the same distance below N133.

So now I have a pattern shaped like the dots on a dice showing #4
5th shot went lowest and below the dots on the left that was Varget.

3.5" group.

This little experiment was just to see how bad a tiny 40 gr bullet would act in a 1:7 twist and
how bad would the different powders mess up the group.
It will bust clays at 100 yards.

No scale needed just Volume measured.
If you are happy ringing steel plates and have a powder dispenser and a lot of different powders.
You could run those powders and never change the setting on it.

Sometimes we end up with small amounts of powder and this could be something to think about.

I am kind of curious how that would do in my 1:9 twist bolt gun.

Sometimes I have nothing better to do.

I was going to use H335 but it would have been a grain over book max.
I thought about 8208 and 3031 and H4895 but did not go there because the ones above are easier to meter.

CCI 450 primers were used and NO crimp, .002" neck tension on all cases.
Sorry no pictures.
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