A different kind of casino luck !


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Jun 16, 2009
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I was playing Ultimate Texas Hold-em’ at Hardrock casino Saturday night, every 2 hrs or so the house changes out the 2 decks of cards on each table and that gives the players a little break for about 8-10 minutes, During said break a lady that was probably 4-5 yrs older than me (59) that had been sitting next to me playing said the table was getting cold and then asked me if I thought it was time to quit? I told her I was considering it and then she asked me in a low voice if had had ever had a mother/daughter threesome ?!?! 😳, I was shocked to say the least but she said she was serious and that they had a room there for the night, Well she was pretty attractive for her age and I had drank up a lot of crown and coke and decided to call her bluff! We cashed out and headed to her room, on the elevator she started kissing me and took my hand and placed it in her chest !! I figured then she was serious ! We got to her room and she stuck the card in and opened the door and it was dark so after it opened she knocked kinda loud and said “ Mom, Mom are you still awake?”
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