A tribute to a friend


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Dec 19, 2012
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I lost a friend this week. Ken was the grandpa of one of my daughter’s team mates. He was an old cowboy who loved his granddaughter and loved watching her play softball. I would always greet him with, “Hey there, old man.” And he would always respond with, “Well hello, young man.”

We sat together at many softball games and I ran into him just a few weeks ago. I asked if he had the line on any good bucks and he said he said he had his eye on a couple he sees pretty regularly. He said he hoped the weather was good for season this year.

We sat and talked for a good while, and I’m glad we did. Less than two weeks later, he was gone. This opening day is a little somber for me because I know Ken would have been out hunting too if he were still here.

Through all the years, Ken seldom talked about himself. He would ask about me, my family, my thoughts on this or that…and I’d have to ask him specific questions to get him to talk about himself. Through all our conversations and all we shared, I only learned after his death that in the 70‘s, he modeled as the Marlboro Man. To know Ken, I can see why they chose him for that role. It suited him.

I will miss my friend!


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