AAR FPF TRaining ASAT, June 6-7, 2020, Meadhall Range, OK

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Jul 2, 2018
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AAR FPF Training – Advanced Skills and Tactics

Background: 24-years LE, 20 with a large Metropolitan agency. Currently assigned as a fulltime Firearms Instructor with the Firearms Training Unit. Four years USMC Infantry. Multiple classes with Patrick Rogers/EAG Tactical; Patrick Mcnamara TAPS Pistol and Rifle; Patrick Mcnamara TAPS Instructor; Frank Proctor Performance Pistol and Rifle; GPS Defense Basic,/Advanced/Instructor Sniper Course; FLETC Firearms Instructor Training Program; FLETC Advanced Pistol Training Program; NRA LE Division Handgun/Shotgun Instructor; Tom Givens Instructor Development; Tom Givens Advanced Instructor; Rogers Shooting School; William Petty VCQB Instructor; Glock Operator Course; Alexander Global Strategies Executive Protection Course; FLETC Basic Tactical Medical Instructor Training Program; FLETC Active Shooter Threat Instructor Training Program; ITTS (Keary Miller) Law Enforcement Tactical Trauma Course; Presscheck Consulting No-Fail Pistol x2; Sentinel Concepts Practical Shotgun; Sentinel Concepts Carbine Essentials; Sage Dynamics RDS Handgun Instructor Course; Sheriff of Baghdad 2-Day Pistol Marksmanship Course; Sheriff of Baghdad Carbine Marksmanship Course; Tim Herron 2-Day Practical Performance; several hundred hours of department firearms training; several regional firearms courses.

Location: : Meadhall Range, Mcloud, OK

Disclaimer: The range is owned by a close friend. However, that does not change the fact that it is a very nice facility.

Range consists of ten lanes, with turning targets. There are also two moving targets on the line. Turners are double-spaced, so target stands can easily fit between each turner, with room to spare. Range goes back to 300 yards (technically 312). There is a large, modern classroom building near the 300-yard line, which is usable as-is (separate indoor bathrooms for male/female; large, fully equipped kitchen; office; entryway/sign-in area; virtual range; storage; and classroom, which has seating for 30+, interactive projector, white boards, tvs, internet, and in-floor electrical for students), and is in the final stages of being completed – there is also a large covered area outside to provide shade for students at the farther yard-lines. Range also has a restroom building near the 25-yard line (also two separate bathrooms for male/female; also climate-controlled), a target shed, a large shade structure near the 50-yard line (with concrete pad; several picnic tables; outdoor fans; outdoor propane heater; and electrical outlets). The range has a large assortment of steel targets, including plate racks, dueling trees, hostage targets, full and reduced-sized IPSCs, poppers, plates of various sizes, and a swinger target. Additionally, there are multiple movable target stands, and a large array of paper and cardboard targets kept on-hand, as well as sections of snow fence walls, cones, etc.

Dates: June 6-7, 2020

Instructor: John Murphy, FPF Training

John did ten years in the Marine Corps and currently works for the Department of Defense, but he makes no claim to being a combat veteran. He considers himself very fortunate to have trained under some of the most respected firearms instructors in the country, and he’s learned much more about shooting and self-defense outside the military than he ever did during his service. As an instructor, John has incorporated the best and most practical methods and techniques into his courses, and he continues to train and refine his skills every year, both as a defensive shooter and as a trainer. John has presented classroom and range instruction at the multiple Rangemaster Conferences, and currently holds a “Master Instructor” rating from Rangemaster.

Selected instructors he’s trained under include:

John Farnam

Louis Awerbuck (RIP)

Kelly McCann

Pat Rogers (RIP)

Jeff Gonzales

Pat Goodale

Tom Givens

Craig Douglas

Greg Ellifritz

Massad Ayoob

Kathy Jackson

Andrew Branca

Mike Green of Green Ops

Brett Harnish of Justified Defensive Concepts

Melody Lauer

“Every technique I teach is proven to work for average citizens looking to protect themselves, their families or their community. I offer a money back guarantee. If a student is dissatisfied with a course I will refund their money with no questions asked. After over 5000 students, no one has taken me up on that offer.”

Students: 11 – mix of competition shooters and “regular” civilians, plus one police officer.

Weather: TD1: Clear, humid 100+ degrees; TD2: Clear, Humid, mid-90’s

Round Count: Approximately 500 rounds of 9mm

Equipment: I ran my issued Glock 17M with Dawson Adjustable 3-dot tritium sights, and used a mix of OEM, and Magpul magazines. Four OEM magazines had Taran Tactical +6 extenders. Class was run from my duty belt, which consists of Safariland 6354DO holster, double Esstac KYWI magazine pouch, EGL Loppy dump pouch, Mayflower R&C low-pro IFAK, SOFTT-W tourniquet, in 11-10 holder, mounted via bracket to the holster. Ear pro was a set of Otto Noizebarriers. Everything performed as expected.

Class: TD1 began in the classroom, where we spent the first half of the day. John began with intros, and a brief overview of his philosophy behind the class. We then moved into covering a variety of topics, including an intro to tac med (tourniquet and pressure bandage use), OC (Pepper Spray) usage, conflict avoidance and deterrence, and threat recognition. Multiple mini-scenarios were run, incorporating all of the above. John provided a training ankle med kit, and OC trainers for each student to keep for the duration of the class.

The afternoon of TD2 was spent establishing baselines on the range.

TD2 was predominately range work. John uses a number of drills in the 1.5 to 7 yard envelope, and incorporates the use of laser and timers into his drills. He also has some interesting use of targetry. Some shooting was done beyond the 7, but the majority was inside of this yard line. Drills incorporated significant use of verbal commands, and opportunities to use a less lethal option (OC spray). Movement off-line was stressed.

Thoughts/Takeaways: This class was what I would consider the perfect class for the newer shooter, or the person that would only ever take one class after getting a base in safe firearms handling and basic marksmanship. The class covered most of the stuff that would be considered “necessary” for an armed citizen. None of the drills were advanced, per se – although the timers allow for the shooter to be pushed into advanced performance. As a 24-year police officer in a major city, none of the other material was new to me – it was kind of a “police academy lite” in regards to use of force. However, this is material I have never seen covered and offered for “civilian” consumption, and packaged together. I would absolutely send my wife and daughters to this class – I feel it was that well done, and that the material was that important. Most, if not all of the other students were exposed to much of the material for the first time, and we had some very accomplished shooters in the class.

I will absolutely be taking John’s techniques with lasers to use as an instructor, myself, and will also be pushing to incorporate his target-use into our curriculum.

As far as John goes, he was a good instructor, with an obvious passion for his material. He made the class fun, even though much of it was a refresher for me. The shooting drills were extremely solid, and John ran the range safely and professionally. Like I mentioned above, the highest praise I can give anyone is to say I would send family to them for training, and this class definitely meets that bar.

Some neat value-added features of the class were the fact that John sends out a series of about four hours of video, to watch before the class. This remains available to the student afterward, if they wish to go back and refresh their memories on anything. It also allows students to arrive with a known baseline. Another thing John provides is a pocket-sized OC canister – so the student can leave with a non-lethal option if they did not already have one.

I think John has found a needed niche in the training realm, and I expect to hear his name more and more often.

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