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[4Sale] Alexander Arms 6.5 Grendel light weight Carbon fiber on CMMG lower with ammo and mags


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Sep 19, 2007
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Off the creek that’s next to the river
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458 Socom bolt gun
6.5 Grendel
Perry/Red Rock, Oklahoma, United States
Have had this a while, maybe 100rds through it. Upper is a Alexander Arms has carbon fiber handguard, Hogue grip, Magpul extended mag release, Strike Industries pins and trigger gaurd, Seekins ambi safety, Magpul stock
I have a bunch of Alexander Arms mags, never had a feed issue with these mags but for the price better not. I’m not sure but I think I have 5-7 25rd mags and a couple 5-6 shot mags.
Yes Alexander BCG
It’s all on a CMMG lower, could swap out for a billet Aero for a $100 bucks more.

I am not sure how much ammo I have, guessing 300, have to get into my ammo vault and count.
Throw in some dies, I think Lee and Horandy, some 7.62x39 brass, 6.5 brass.
I can get pics this eve, hopefully.
Looking to sell as a complete deal, rifle is accurate to 650, probably more I didn’t need it for anymore.

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