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Dec 11, 2016
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Logan county, on a dirt road
A few weeks ago, I had rendered down some wheel weights I had found, ended up with this -
the result, ~85lbs (Medium).jpg

85 pounds of ingots.

Today, I re-melted these ingots, fluxed twice with sawdust, three times with candle wax (to get the Sb back into solution), and ladled off 35 pounds of lead into smaller ingots.
CWW, 35 ingots Apr'18.jpg

Good clean stuff, these will go into the CWW stash.

That left me 50lbs of CWW in the pot. I added 2.25 lbs pewter (for the tin), and 50 pounds of soft lead (in the form of SWW - stick on wheel weight) that had been previously cleaned.
I ended up with 98 ingots, ~100lbs, of 50/50+2 alloy, good for almost all my handgun, and some rifle (when I get to it).
50-50+2%, 98 ingots Apr'18.jpg

Happiness is a stack o' lead. More happiness is a bigger stack o' lead.

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