AMC Stock Movement on the NYSE


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Mar 19, 2020
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nw okc
$4 movement and gap today. Fishy
of course it's fishy!
it's more than controlling the rules of the game.
they own the dollars created loaned the government and given to us that we all gamble back to them.
it doesn't matter how many hands "we" win; we're playing with their chips.
and even worse; since they own the casino AND the chips *and* the rulemakers, they can just change the rules at will; **even when they lose**.

back when i had a reddit account, i got banned from all the memestonk subs because i told them all "well you realize even if you are right about a thing that *should* occur, the powers that be literally will Darth Vader style "alter the deal", the media will sell it, and you will be called a crazy loon left holding the bag while they count their trillions they had to begin with and now more **because they literally own all currency anyway since they are the fed**"

like i see so many posts there even now, today, where they'll post some media shill handwaving a clear violation of finance law in favor of you know who, **and they still seem surprised by it***.

this was evitable because even if crypto and memestonks *should* "win" they simply wouldn't allow it. a revolution of people "not sharing financial advise" is not going to defeat the federal reserve. this is because those things are backed ultimately by weapons of war; i'm not sure if crypto and memestonks are there yet.

i know i was certainly a *lot* younger than....well maybe anyone here other than been at the time, but when i witnessed businesses and banks being "too big to fail" and the 2010 flash crash, i knew no matter what i thought i might "know" about the market or could predict; only one rule above all else held true.

they will not lose. if you think you are in a position to win and they will take a loss; it won't happen. it just won't.
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