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Oklahoma City Another Price Drop Case 75XT Skid Steer


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Jan 26, 2017
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Pauls Valley
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CLEAN Kubota M9000 (cab & loader)
PV, 73075, Pauls Valley, Oklahoma, United States
Considering selling my 75XT to fund a land purchase.
Purchased from original owner’s business partner at ~1650 hours.
It now has approximately 1675 hours.
When I purchased it, it had a bad hydraulic leak coming from inside the machine that couldn’t be diagnosed without opening it up.
When I purchased it, it went straight to Case in okc to be repaired. Almost $14,000 later - receipt pictured in post- it had the $16 O ring replaced that was causing the leak, and new drive motors and sprockets as well because they had to come out to get to the problem O ring.
I put new tires on it once I got it back, a seat cover because the seat is cracked and weathered, and just replaced the hydraulic filter.

It’s very tight, starts runs and operates great, and is in much better condition than most machines you’ll find. The only things I know of that are not 100% is one light needs replaced, the parking break button was replaced with a toggle switch, and it leaks a small amount of diesel after parking it - I think it’s the cap venting from temp/pressure changes.
Another Price Drop:
23,500 with bale spike
27,500 with spike, grapple bucket, and Jenkins 4x5 5500 lb forks.


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