Anyone Else get 'Signed Out' & Couldn't Sign In?


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Jun 3, 2022
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I'm pretty new here; but had several posts with lots of favorable responses & a '100% Rating' (whatever that means in Cyber-Land). I admittedly suck at '21st Century Communication Theory' & only have an old laptop (Computer, that is) to acsess the OSA Forums- but about a week 'r so ago- I was suddenly blocked from signing in.
I typically just go to my Email page- & from the OSA 'Yesterday's Forum Activities' (which have the little Bell/Number Icon) I could check/answer my 'Alerts'. But after a few days of minimal activity; I could no longer access this site WTF? (Why The Fluke?)
It turns out that, in spite of my correct Email popping up on the Log In was now deemed 'Not Valid'. So after repeatedly trying to sign in & multiple attempts to prove to the Captcha-Bots that I'm not a 'Robot'...I finally noticed an error (.co as opposed to .com) @ the end of my Email on the Log In page. When/how during the process that changed, I can't tell ya- but for the entire time, I could not Email the 'Help' people at OSA.....'cuz, 'Email Not Valid'...OK; so now that is settled....
BUT; my now my PASSWORD is not working. So, after several days of having other things to do...I finally (re)achieved a Magical Combination of digital info to appease the Cyber Gods.
I'm (obviously) back...Hope Y'all are well & I missed ya-
but anyone else have any similar issues Signing In to this (or other) Forums?

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Jul 18, 2016
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I see that this account has a number of posts since June. If you can tell me your original account name, I'll work on getting you back to that account and merging the two together.

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