Anyone with an El Camino want to barter???


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Apr 29, 2017
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1619 Canterbury St., Norman, OK
Hey, y'all! I have two vehicles, a numbers-matching '68 Impala Custom (roller, bad motor, but all-new CPP suspension underneath) and a nicely-maintained-but-hail-damaged '07 Ford Expedition. I mention this because I'm in a wheelchair / mobility scooter, and the truck hauls it around. IT, however, while a GREAT running truck, is a P A I N for me to get into height-wise, and therein lay the point of my post here:

Does ANYONE have an El Camino (with good AC and in perfect running condition) up to 1977 they'd barter for one or both, plus cash or an M1A? (I've been looking for $11-$15K, but not going any lower than $10K) they'd be willing to barter?

In a perfect world, I'd offer both vehicles for the ElCam, the rifle and $5K cash, but I can be flexible to a degree. There is $7,500 of CPP urethane suspension gear installed, plus air springs in back, new coils all around, new shocks, sway bars, bushings, etc, plus other things I've added under the hood. I have pics on my phone which I can send via text, but can't figure out how to send them to my computer to list here; you are welcome to contact me if you're serious, and I'll send my phone # with pics. You're also welcome to come by and look at it in my driveway at 1619 Canterbury St., Norman, OK.
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