AR - Ruger MPR... Feed back wanted...


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Apr 29, 2017
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Edmond, Oklahoma
I was a saiga guy and have mainly traded in handguns of all kinds. That said, I'm looking at picking up an AR to get my feet wet. I'd use it for plinking, potentially the occasional coyote, etc..

I've seen mixed reviews about the Ruger MPR but like the 18" barrel, the better trigger already installed and the furniture it comes with. I'm sure it will be an addiction but unfortunately, who knows what will happen with the new people in office.

If anyone has any feedback, I'm all ears... If there's a better recommendation in the $1,000 or lower price range, let me know. If for an extra 300-400 you could get major upgrade, I'm all ears as well. I can pick up a Ruger MPR new for $799.

Thanks all.

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