Armslist making me pay to use.


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Dec 22, 2015
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Lawton, OK
Wrote to Armslist and asked what prompted the decision to charge for use. This what their reply (cut-n-paste)

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have had to move forward and take the site in a slightly different direction. Fortunately, despite this, we are working hard to make the site MUCH better for law abiding Americans, and MUCH worse for those that are not law abiding Americans.

Scammers have tried to prey upon Armslist users in the past, and while we may not eradicate their presence 100%, we will eradicate the vast majority

People have complained of impolite offers and communications from users with bad manners. That will be nearly eradicated with the new version of the site. And lastly, the financial, emotional, human, and other costs of the never-ending legal assaults on Armslist have made it impossible for us to keep the site free in the way it was in the past. We thank you for your support over the years and hope to have you along to welcome the new
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