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Jan 31, 2010
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Blanchard, America
I've struggled with posting this but what he did is not cool and needs to be brought to light. We had agreed in principle to the sale of a rifle. In order to purchase this rifle I had to sell an asset which in this case was a very valuable bottle of bourbon. A 2019 15 year old Pappy Van Winkle in fact. My buyer worked out of state and was not able to make our first meet. I communicated with @Cloud456 every inch of the way and completed the sale on the 30th, not knowing he had stopped reading my messages and has in fact ghosted me. Had I known he was known he was going back out I would never had sold the bottle because it gains value every month. I see I'm not the first he's pulled this with so just be aware in case you find yourself dealing with him in the future.

You got any more of that Pappy you’d like to sell?

Need a buddy to drink it with? I can bring the cigars.

Bad damn deal. He should be banned from the classifieds. I’m sorry about your bourbon.


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Aug 13, 2016
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I didn't know you could use feedback without a completed transaction.
There are people here who will use the feedback system to be all Kareny and leave neg feedback because you never made a deal with them. So no, you don't need a transaction to leave feedback. But I'd say just make sure it's justified and not an honest mistake. Maybe he's embarrassed now and doesn't want to engage. "Benefit of the doubt" rarely exists here...I personally would go all out for him to make amends to avoid negativity, but yeah, you can only do so much.
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