Badlands Mcnally


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Apr 14, 2009
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Yes it’s his real name. He has no arrest record in Oklahoma, just 3 traffic violations.

Homeland Security Arrest Pilot Accused Of Having More Than 100 Lbs. Of Meth On Plane
Homeland Security Investigations Agents have arrested a man who flew his plane into a Jenks airport with 102 pounds of meth and guns on board, according to an arrest report.

Homeland Security Investigations Agents, with the help of the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office, arrested Badlands McNally at the Jones Riverside Airport, just moments after he landed.

The arrest report said there was meth, two pistols, a rifle, and several magazines on board.

The arrest report states Homeland security investigators got a tip about a plane coming into the airport.

The report says investigators did a ramp check with McNally when the plane landed, and that led to bringing in a K9, which led to a search of the plane and finding the drugs

The arrest report says they found two big duffel bags with meth and also found guns behind McNally’s seat.

The report says McNally told investigators he was worried he would get his head chopped off.

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