Battery Powered Leaf Blowers

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Jun 15, 2005
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Drumright, Okla
I have both sizes in the 20v Dewalt. I use both for different things, love em! I take the small one with us when we travel in the RV and to blow out the Off Road Toys to get the Trail Dust off them.
I have a 20v Dewalt and love it as well. I use it to blow grass off of my dad’s and brothers graves when I mow them


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Jul 17, 2022
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Tulsa Oklahoma
I have a small Stihl gas leaf blower have had it for over 30 years, but don't need it as today as i bought a Hart 40v-450-cfm-blower. it's so mush quicker to just grab it and start using it, the 40 4 Ah volt battery just lasts and lasts i have run it over 45 minuets and not needing to chargeit and when needing charging it's quickly recharged.

I have also bought a Hart battery Impack 1/2 inch wrench a Hart 1/2 inch battery Hammer Drill a Hart standard brushless 1/2 inch Drill also a Hart battery powered hand held Hacksaw and a Hart battery Disk Sander all these are 20 Volt leaf blower is 40 Volt.

All sold at Walmart you have 90 days to return them if they don't work as you want, i have tested them all and have not found any of them to not work well nice thing about Walmart you want to return some thing you don't get 50 questions.

I used to use Dewalt i/2 inch Drills but their batteries just failed quickly and are costly to replace, had a Dewalt battery charger catch fire and Dewalt gave me a hard time replacing it.

Another item if you do some research you find there is one large Chinese Company that makes all the Major brands of battery powered tools you find it Lowes and Home Depot and they make all the other off brands like the Hart tools there are no battery powered tools made in the USA today.

See pictures of my test of the Hart 1/2 inch Hammer Drill.

I wanted a Stihl battery leaf blower i have two Stihl Chainsaws really love them, but the Stihl batterys are really high cost items $200+ thee time to price of the 40 Volt Hart battery and the Chargers wow over $200+ And the Blower alone is around $300+.

The Hart leafblower came with one 40 volt 4 Ah battery and a charger for $200 out the door.


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