Berger 77 grain OTM's matched well with N135


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Apr 22, 2016
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I've been meaning to get out and test these loads in my Aero 18" for about 6 months now. Walked onto the Bench Rest range all to my self yesterday morning. After a 100 yard zero from my sighters, got to work.

VV N135
Virgin Starline Brass
1.852" off O-Give barely clears mag

Pulling data from VV's app, I started with a minimum of 19.5 grains and worked up to 20.3. Judging from what Gavin at Ultimate Reloader did to match the factory OTM loading, I knew I'd be safe from pressure all the way to 21 grains even though it was a bolt gun v's my gas gun.

19.5 grains was the winner of my test loads. SD below 10 and the group was sub MOA.

I didn't pull my targets, as by the time I was finished, there were 3 new shooters on the line and I didn't want to wait. 19.8 grains produced a 14.90 SD and the group was just over 1 MOA. My chrono went wonky for the last 3 groups, so no data, but the groups were worse. Last one at 20.6 was well over 2 MOA.

Loaded up 50 more at 19.5 and will do some 100, 200 and 300 yard work in two weeks.

I was pretty impressed with this loading. I averaged just below 2400 FPS and printed a nice tight group for a gas gun.
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