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Jan 16, 2010
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Yukon, OK
Guys, a member here who wished to remain anonymous went above, beyond and possibly sideways recently for me. Some of you know I am on O2 and have complained several times about the tanks I have to haul around when I go anywhere. I also could not attended the ENS because the range does not allow O2 tanks on the line.

This member ordered and paid for one of the portable O2 compressors for me. It arrived yesterday and I am getting the batteries charged up and it set up now. These compressors are not cheap but allow so much more freedom over the tanks including time away from home. I now have a total of about 10 hours between the 2 batteries. More if I plug it into a cig lighter while traveling in the car. I will still need to use a tank at times, like when mowing so as to not clog up the filters but that is nothing.

Looking forward to getting to go shooting again as soon as we get all our doc appointments caught up from the wife working at H&R Blockhead for the season.

Picture if you will, a fat old fart doing the happy dance. You guys leave me speechless at times.

To whom ever did this, thank you, thank you, thank you.

I think a video of this dance could be viable revenue stream if marketed right...:anyone:

Absolutely agree! But at the very least, @RickN, some still pics of fat old fart doing the happy dance would be better than nothing.

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