Big game rifle options?


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Sep 26, 2014
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Just start buying guns you want to try out and if you don't like one for some reason you can always sell it and move on to the next one.

If you buy a gun right, you can sell it without losing any, or very little money.

I doubt that very many people get their "perfect" gun on the first try. Even if it is "perfect" at the time, things and people's preferences change.

Have fun trying out as many as you can.
You're very right, and that's fantastic advice.


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Nov 3, 2010
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yukon ok
Here is a great read on that 6.8 Western.
It really does not look too bad and if I was gunless it may be on my list.

But I am not and my 30-06 is plenty and I would hate to have to handload for another caliber.
That would mean more components and more dies and bullets and powders.

I have some pipelines I hunt and I have taken the 30-06 and the .308 and at 500 yards both stay under 5" groups and I can put them where I want them.
Now remember this high BC bullets are nice on paper but they need to be devastating on game.
At very long distances that bullet may be moving too slow to expand much and shock or trauma will be minimal.

I have had bullets that penciled through deer and even through the heart.
Those deer take off like a rocket and can go well over 500 yards before they pile up.

Just ask some people here that have tracked deer.

I like to hunt and get closer.
But for pigs or coyotes I do not mind taking long shots.

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Dec 20, 2010
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So I’m pretty close to having my rifle collection completed. After purchasing a big game rifle I’ll have all the essentials, anything purchased after this one will just be “collecting”. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

So I already have a few 308s and they work well, however, in the interest of hunting larger stuff in the future such as moose and elk, I feel that a step into the magnum realm would be a good idea. Since I already reload for two 30 cal cartridges, I feel that going with 300 Win Mag would be a logical choice, and with its timeless appeal and ability to drop anything on this continent, I think it’s about perfect.

thoughts on the caliber choice?

suggestions on the rifle? I was looking at maybe a weatherby mark 5. I figure if I can have something that’s under 8lbs before optics, threaded barrel, and weather resistant I’ll be good. I do really like wood stocks, but have a hard time getting away from synthetic just for weight and durability’s sake. I would like to keep the budget under $2700 for the rifle.
You will have no problem with that cartridge choice. Keep your money in your pocket. So often at gun shows I'll see a nice rifle and pick it up and initially wonder how that nice of rifle is on the table still. Then while inspecting the piece I roll it over on it's side to expose the cartridge stamp. "300 WIN MAG".
Most people around OK don't have need for them and they are retired and few time used elk guns with little wear for a great price and they may not need glass either. That's if your alright with a Sako, Winch 70 or even a classic Rem 700 or Browning. I see really fine shape used one's from $700-1500. Better made. Better fit. Better material. Mo betta- mo moneeey in yo pocket.

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Feb 19, 2019
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My man!
I want an Afrika rifle. I will NEVER go to afrika, there is nothing there I want to see, but I want something in 375 H&H or 458 Lott. Something that would have been carried by Hemingway on safari.
Id probably never shoot it, but I’d love to have one lol.
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