Calm Cool Cop Drops Active Shooter


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Nov 18, 2021
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A lot of current civilian cops have never served in the military and even fewer in combat.
Why are you so hung up on the chance that he didn't serve or may not have seen combat if he did serve? Of course it's a possibility just like it's a possibility that he did serve and did see combat as have many others. I worked with three veterans and know several more who were former military, some who were involved in combat. One of my very good friends is a former Marine. Ray served with the 1st Marine Division and he saw combat from sometime after they crossed the border of Kuwait to north of Baghdad. Another officer I worked with was a corpsman. The stories he shares (when he can talk about his experiences) will send chills up your spine. Much like this officer, the veterans I worked with remained very cool in high stress situations that's why I stated this officer MAY be a combat veteran.
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