Can I ask for advice on pricing an AR-15?


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Feb 1, 2019
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Hope I'm not violating a protocol, I'm going to list this in the classifieds as soon as I can figure out a reasonable asking price, but I have no idea and could really use some advice.

This is a GWACS Armory CAV-15 MKII. I assume it is .223/5.56 because that's the ammo that was with it but it doesn't actually say anywhere that I can see (probably under the handguard, but I'd rather not remove it unless necessary). I'm helping a friend sell off some of his collection, so I don't know anything about its origins.

These are apparently made/sold by a company in Tulsa near 71st/Lewis (Home of the CAV-15 MKII Rifle | GWACS Armory | AR-15 Lower Receivers). It has a polymer lower receiver which supposedly reduces weight. It's not new condition... there is a little wear on some of the blued surfaces like pins, etc. but not by any means beat up. There are a couple of scuff marks that you can see in the picture. I have four magazines for it that are loaded with ammo in a pouch/carrier, I haven't counted it yet but probably 120 rounds and I will include that with rifle. The scope is a Truglo, but doesn't have any model number or markings. I don't think it's anything special, seems like a fixed 4x probably.

The manufacturers current offering is somewhat different but has a similar polymer lower receiver, but without the fixed buttstock, listed new at $750. I don't find this specific model on their website now, but I'm notorious for overlooking stuff. I found one that sold on for $750 but can't find a date on the ad so not sure when or how long ago that was. They show stripped receivers but I don't find complete rifles on the CAV-15 receivers. I doubt this one was built by my friends son, because he was always critical of "frankenguns". But I'm not certain.

It seems like good quality, I'm thinking $600 ish? But I can't find any good historical data on what they sell for. You can PM suggestions to me if you'd rather, or post here. I appreciate any info. I am not looking for bids (again, I'll post a classified ad eventually), just looking for advice.


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