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Mar 19, 2020
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don't let the lower price tag fool you; canik makes great clones.
the stingray was an all steel clone of the cz-75, more in line with the tanfoglio models.
the shark was an aluminum framed version, more of a direct sp-01 clone, but had the baby deagle slant cut under the barrel. very stylish imo, and a great firearm.
then they continued that model with the terminator-esque t-120 and t-100 lines, which moved from a their chrome finish to a cerakote. like the stingray and shark, a vast majority of cz-75 parts are interchangeable with these, all the magazines that comes with the gun are mec-gar and also cz-75 interchangeable. these guns in particular were imported by Tri-Star, so they are sold under that name. But they are Caniks.

i've taken the slide from my t-120 and put it on my pcr for a "long-slide" and it functions flawlessly. there is a great youtube video where a guy goes thru like *every* part and shows which ones are interchangeable and which aren't; unfortunately you couldn't take the optional decocker from an omega trigger cz and put it on one of the canik clones without modification. if you want a cz clone with a decocker; you gotta pony up for that sphinx.

their striker fired are really good and they just launched a new model i think. but their cz clones are also really, really good imo.

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