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Want To Buy Cheap AR pistol parts


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Mar 16, 2006
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Hey everyone, I’m looking for a few AR pistol parts. I’ve dubbed myself a super strict budget to get it built minus the bcg. I had an idea to build the cheapest ar pistol I can for around $250 not sure if I can but it will be a fun build and if I can do it to see if it will function and be range reliable. No way am I looking for a hand out or free parts but if you’ve got multiples of what I’m looking for sitting around in the safe or spare parts box and wouldn’t mind some lunch money let’s make a deal! Listed below is a list of what I’m needing and what I’ve got to spend per the budget. Brand does not matter! I’m in Tulsa so the closer the better. Skyler

Stock A2 birdcage flash hider $10
Stock A2 gas block with circle drop in hand guard plate $25
Stock style charging handle $15
Dust cover with pin and spring $10
A2 rear iron sight $20
Pistol buffer tube, spring and weight $25

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