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Concealed Carry Class and Firearms For Women Clinic.

Discussion in 'Self Defense and Handgun Carry' started by ProBusiness, Jan 23, 2018.

  1. ProBusiness

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    Feb 3, 2009
    Concealed Carry Class
    Jan - 24, 28
    Feb - 3, 10, 17, 25.

    Cost = $49 for entire class if student provides their own gun and ammo.
    OR $59 if student uses my .22 semi-auto gun and ammo.

    Discount for a group of people. Call for the discount.

    Class time: either 800-200 or 900-300 depending on the range I use for that class.

    I have been teaching this class since 2009.

    Register at www.firearmsontarget.com on the Concealed Carry - Tulsa page.

    2017-04-14 08.39.33.jpg

    Firearms For Women Clinic -
    The Firearms For Women Clinic is Sat Jan 24 from 800-100. The purpose of this class is to teach handgun safety and operation and to help students choose the correct handgun for their needs. Students will shoot approx 20 different handguns specifically chosen to show students the different sizes, calibers, recoil, etc. of the handguns on the market so the right handgun can be chosen. Are there a lot of difference in handguns, you bet. Are some easier to operate than other, you bet. Handguns come in all different sizes and calibers (recoil) so shooting an array of guns will let you choose which handgun is right for you. I do not sell handguns. Guns and ammo provided.

    Register online at www.firearmsontarget.com on the Firearms For Women page. Cost is only $145 with handguns and ammo provided at no extra charge. This is a value as most handgun training is $70/ - $150/hour so for 5 hours at $70/hour would be $350 at OTHER LOCATIONS.

    I have been teaching this class since 2007.

    Please call if you have any questions. Thanks.


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