Decent canned chili sauce?

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Dec 8, 2020
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For a canned chili/sauce ... I like Wolf. Add some onions and it's not bad. For a better chili eating experience to go in a bowl, on a good beef frank or with eggs for breakfast ... this is Don Henley's recipe:

At least a 12 pack of Negra Modelo. Mostly to drink while making it.

5 pounds of 80/20 Ground Chuck

5 pounds of sirloin steak or ribeye

5-6 medium sweet onions (like Walla-Walla or Vidalia) diced

4 tablespoons of olive oil

32oz of tomato sauce

10oz of RO*TEL Diced Tomatoes (sometimes when I make this it turns out “drier” than I would like so I keep an extra can or two of tomato sauce and/or RO*TELs handy in case)

6 teaspoons of salt

6 heaping teaspoons of cumin

10 garlic cloves (smashed)

7 heaping tablespoons of chili powder

4 level teaspoons of paprika

5 level teaspoons of cayenne pepper (this will help determine the “heat” to your chili … add more if you want hotter)

6-7 fresh jalapenos (leave the seeds in for more heat)

5-6 fresh Anaheim chiles

7 level teaspoons of oregano (fresh if possible)

3 teaspoons of cilantro (fresh if possible)

3 teaspoons of fresh ground black pepper

3 teaspoons of Tabasco Sauce

5 heaping tablespoons of cornmeal. After simmering the above for a couple hours, make a paste out of this with some beer and add.

Cleaning the chilis and peppers and browning the meat takes some time. But it is well worth it.
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