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Mar 29, 2007
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Ok, I think I have been patient and understanding long enough. We will be doing Joel's E-n-S on ******JUNE 4TH*****at Big Boy's in Mustang, starting at 10am. We will shoot until everyone starts to get hungry, around 1130/1200(I'm thinking) then go to Del Rancho. Please confirm if you will be eating so I can give D.R a heads up. I will be letting Joel's daughter know the date and let them know we want them there, but we are going to proceed on this date. Since it has been so long, I going to cancel the fund raiser activities. The main reason is they are not hurting for money and the money raised here on the site should be enough. I hope this is OK with everyone. I have already talked Mike the owner of BB, he is going to give us a bay. Everyone will be in charge of paying their own range fee's. Please bring your goodies and share.LOL
I will be bringing a custom 1911, custom BHP, SxS sawed off 410, and a few others. Hope to see you there.
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Aug 1, 2014
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Count me in. (For both the E and the S.)
Gotta bring a Gill-gun (Maybe the Tennite stock this time?) and a Raven pistol.
May bring the S&W 22A-1 pistol and maybe, just maybe, the 1920's Boy's rifle. Or maybe the Winchester 62A pump action?

Edit: Maybe one of the mods can pin this for now?
Edit 2- With the date change I can only make the shoot, not the eats.
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