Eat N Shoot After Action Report: 05/08/21


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Jan 16, 2010
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Yukon, OK
Well, we had a decent turnout and a lot of fun. I didn't take as many pics as I should have, but make sure you get the chance to come to one of these events in the future. I'll post up the pics that came out half-way decent anyway. One of the best is the pic of the targets of our little informal 10 yards one-shot competition. The target was a 1-inch Red Bullseye.

We had two groups shoot, then the winners of each group had a shoot off for the Grand Champeenship. In the first group, HFS (Hick From the Sticks) nailed it dead center! A 1-inch bull at 10 yards and he drilled it! Then in the second group,. Matt Giroux claimed first place being 0.18" off the bull. Dang good shooting! So we pit these two deadeyes against each other:
Our man HFS shot a 0.13" inch off center. I mean it was close! Matt shot a dead center bull on this round though, and was declared the overall winner! Both of these guys are deadly shooters. (Do your best to avoid a gunfight with either one).

Matt was shooting a suppressed S&W Victory .22LR, and HFS chose to do battle with my Two-Tone West German Walther
PPK/S in .22LR. I was impressed with Matt's shooting for sure, but I stand in awe of HFS using my stock PPK/S to do as well as he did. Holy Moley!

It was a good, fun day for all at the range, then we descended on Del Rancho for the eatin' part. I sat across from HFS, and his eatin' was darn near as impressive as his shootin'! I kept my fingers away from his plate and that's no lie!

First pic is Xseler; he is a known desperado and those two deadeyes should count their blessings that he went easy on 'em.

Nest pic is of Jimmy taking a picture of me taking a picture of him. I hesitated to post this cause he ugly, but the camera blocks most of his mug.
Jimmy  Photo Shoot.jpg

Next is a photo of Jimmy, Matt, and Gun Dog. A handsome fellow indeed.
Jimmy Gun Dog Matt.jpg

As shot of HFS blazin' away from the back; I damned sure wasn't going to be anywhere near his line of sight.

Here's the target pics from the shoot-off for your viewing enjoyment. Top two are HFS, a bull and 0.13"; Bottom two are Matt Giroux. 0.18" won his group, then he shot a bull in the final to HFS at 0.13"

This was at TEN YARDS and a ONE-INCH Bull! Darned sure was a good show of shooting skills on both their parts!

I did better in this phase, the EAT part. Here's us chowing down at Del Rancho afterwards. I couldn't help but notice all the Hot Chicks checkin' us out there too. The guy in the light yellow shirt on the left is ChadH20...notice how his cheeks are all puffed out? I think he ate that gigantic chicken fry in two bites!

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