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Oct 27, 2012
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The very easiest way to put your receptacle in is to do as RickN said. Less wire and don't have crawl in the attic. If the freezer will fit beneath the panel or near, drop the 3 way wire beneath the panel, cut your receptacle hole about 1-18" from the floor or where you like. It's easy.
Write down or take a photo of the name of the panel. Cuttler-Hammer, GE, etc because you'll need a breaker for your particular box/panel.


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Jun 28, 2008
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If you have no idea what you are doing, hire an electrician. They are much cheaper than a house fire or a funeral.

If you must do it yourself, read up on the 2017 NEC first. Some of the advice here is misleading.

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Apr 7, 2021
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I'm needing an outlet put in my garage..nothing fancy just a 120 V 20 amp to run a freezer. I'd like to give my money to someone local. Check I had Aired out to give me an estimate on a whole home generator and the wouldn't even talk about putting in an outlet unless I wanted to pay 19000.00 for the generator and all associated work. No thanks! So..who do you use?
Try Ross elect, they have always done a good job. They are fair priced good luck


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Jun 26, 2011
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Warr Acres
1. Go to some hardware store and buy your 20 Amp breaker based on the name of your control panel (cost-effective around $8.00 pre-Biden)
2. Then you buy your wire 3-way 14 gauge you've already measured
3. Turn off at the main switch on your breaker box
4. move the 8 screws or so and pull off the panel cover
5. When you look at the panel cover, you'll see metal tags where a circuit breaker could go.
6. You determine which space you pull the tag off
7. Go in your attic and use a spade bit and drill a hole (may one already be there from previous work.) Above the panel you'll see wires leading down to the panel.
8. At this point you can run your 3 way 14 GA wire to the breaker giving approx 6-8 inches of extra wire to loop later.
9. Again, get up in that attic and drill another hole with the spade bit where you want to p!ace your freezer
10. Grab that 3 way wire again that you ran into the panel box and push it down through the hole you just drilled giving a littler extra wire just in case
11. Cut a square hole a little smaller than a receptacle box and if you're lucky you can see the wire you just pushed down
12. Sometimes I use a coat hanger formed like a "hook" in grabbing the wire.
13. Now is the time to install the receptacle box (you bought it and the receptacle and receptacle cover at the same time you went to the hardware store)
14. Go back to your panel and connect your breaker and push it into the determined slot you chose, the bare wire is the grounds usually wrapped with a paper like wrapping that will go where the others bare wires are attached. Black is positive and white is neutral black connects to your breaker and white usually goes where the other white wires are secured
15. Now the finish... Wire the the receptacle into the receptacle box and screw on the cover
16. Now go back to the panel box, turn the main back on and your installed breaker
17. You should have electrical power to your new receptacle
18. If yo do have power, you've done everything right and you can replace the panel cover.
19. You can congratulate yourself at this point and take the $300 or more you've saved by doing it yourself and buy some ammo and have money left over!

Actually it is pretty simple and those more up on wiring can add to this because I'm not always right but I do all my own wiring and I learned from doing my own work and a few decades ago ok bought the Reader's Digest Home Repair book which has all the simple stuff laid out for the novice. So it is best if you search the internet (YouTube maybe) and they'll show you how to wire a simple receptacle. Now, electricians, please add to this or make suggestions that would help this OSA member do it all by himself!
If I lived near you I'd come over and help you.
If he wants a 20 amp circuit it need 12/2 with ground. I would not run 14ga wire on more than a 15 amp breaker. OP I can probably hook you up with an Electrician friend of mine. I’ve used him personally when the scope of my work absolutely needed and licensed electrician. I’m a HVAC guy.

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