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Enfield No 4 MK1 Sporter and ammo $1200

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Sep 7, 2009
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N Edmond, 73003, Edmond, Oklahoma, United States
I hate to do it as I love the old gal but being on O2 there is almost no chance I will get to go hunting. My old Enfield No 4 mk1. Made 1942 Long Branch but has been my go to rifle for a long time. But I want to raise some money for another purchase. A former member has a set of older S&W 9mms he wants to sell and I want one to go with my Camp 9.

Rifle is in good condition with an ATI brown stock and a no drill scope mount. Scope will need to be zeroed in because I traded scopes. This one was just to big for my 22. I still have the factory sight so it can be reinstalled if you do not like the scope. I did no chopping or cutting so I believe it can be restored if you desire. I have over 400 rds ammo to go with it mostly Remg factory. Asking $1200 for all and will not separate.

OK there are 12 boxes Remg 180gr factory soft point that was selling for over $30 a box before the panic. 2, 20 rd boxes S&B FMJ boxer primed. 2, 40 rd boxes of surplus I bought from SGammo a few years ago, and 2, 20rd boxes of reloads for components only. At least I think they are reloads. Could be factory I took in trade but I can not swear to it. Also one loose old rd factory. Total 401

More pics below.

Ugg 4.jpg

Ugg 5.jpg

303 1.jpg
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