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Oklahoma City ESAB Rebel EMP 205ic AC/DC Multi-Process Welder


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Mar 6, 2009
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Yukon, OK
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Lincoln 180, cargo trailer or???
73099, Yukon, Oklahoma, United States
I bought this in Sept/2020 and have used it maybe 2 hours total. Basically, it's WAY too nice for me, my skills, and the time I'm realistically going to dedicate to it. I think what I'm going to get is maybe a Lincoln 180 or similar. Basically, this is too nice a welder for me. So, I'm thinking I might try to sell it. The cheapest I've seen is on Amazon at $3700 for the welder. I've got an almost full 80CF bottle of TIG gas ($175) that will go with it and 10 lbs of Aluminum and 10lbs of steel tig rod ($120). Also bought some tungsten for torch. So, I'm selling the welder with everything shown on Amazon link, minus maybe the starter roll of mig wire, plus an almost full 80CF bottle of TIG gas and the tig rod and tungsten.

If you bought it all new you'd be ~$4000 + $320 tax = ~$4,300 by my calc.

I'd do $3600.

Prefer cash, but if you have something interesting in trade, throw it out there. Some possibilities, cargo trailer, Lincoln 180...

Link to the welder on Amazon:

**Edited 1/10/22 for price and description for clarity. I'm keeping the extra regulator and the mig bottle, not sure that was clear originally.

**Edited 1/24/22 for price drop to $3500.

**Edited 2/25/22 for price drop to $3400.

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