Favorite Gun Belts for Carrying a Pistol?


Jan 16, 2010
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Yukon, OK
Okay; it's update time. I've had this Kore Gun Belt for just about a month now and I have more than satisfactorily carried my Sig M11-A1 OWB in it along with a spare mag on my weak side. It does not sag. It does not droop. It does not allow your handgun to flop out and print. It remains exactly how you set it to be, the 1/4" at a time ratcheting system is the bomb. It allows for a much better fit than the typical 1" spaced holes in most leather gun belts. Before I got this belt, I thought my Kramer Horsehide belt was just about perfect. And for a leather belt, it is, But this Kore belt has it beat hands down as far as function. It is without a doubt, the sturdiest, most-hold-yer gun in-place-and-tight-to yer-side best gun belt I have ever had. If you need a new belt, please save yourself a headache and just get one of these Kore belts. There are a good number of buckles from which to choose. I got the X7, as they say it is the best buckle for AIWB; it's 's not too big and in the way. The X7 buckle is fine for regular IWB and OWB as well. Best $59.95 I 've spent in a LONG time. Go here and take a look-see.

KORE Tactical Gun Belt | X7 Black Tactical Belt for EDC, Range & CCW - Kore Essentials
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