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FBI conducted 4,691,000 background checks for firearm sales in March

Discussion in 'Law & Order' started by RugersGR8, Apr 4, 2021.

  1. ConstitutionCowboy

    ConstitutionCowboy Sharpshooter

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    Jul 5, 2006
    Kingfisher County
    I believe these gun sales are a direct result of the threat to our freedoms. I believe more and more people are beginning to see where all this government control is leading and realize that it may come to a shooting war. It will take a shooting war to preserve those freedoms and restore those that have been infringed or lost and no one wants to be caught unable to participate in such a righteous end to the dictatorial human debris that staff and despotically abuse the offices of our Constitution.

    I think it is ironic that Biden and his ilk - authors all to the threat to our rights and freedoms - continue to press on with their agenda in light of the obvious rising of the people's ability to resist. We can only hope and pray that they reach the epiphany that they can't have us before those of us who revere our rights and freedoms and and revel in them must take a stand. I believe they misjudge our need and desire to remain a free people. I believe they have forgotten that their jobs working for the Constitution are primarily to secure our rights and freedoms or are simply ignoring their constitutional duties in order to turn us into subjects, slaves, and villein.


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