FDA and Agent Orange/Covid Vaccines


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Jun 13, 2005
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JD8 said " I'm well aware of how Ivermectin is supposed to work... are you? " Again, the mechanisms to which it works have nothing to do with those symptoms. None of this changes what I said."

Well no I was not familiar with Ivermectin in any way before starting my research which covered hundreds and hundreds of sites many of which were so technical I could not even comprehend and still do not know or care how it works. I do know it has been taken by humans for about 50 years and then later given to animals for parasite control and has no radical side effects when taken in an appropriate dosage amounts. Many studies mostly from other countries where it is legal showing trials of Ivermectin and the results with the Covid virus, and many additional comments from people I truste. So no, I can not explain how it works in detail, but it seemed to facilitate the reduction of the S-1 enzime load in my system which in turn helps with the reduction of the Attached S-1's in particular to get my level below the overload levels that were keeping me feeling sick.

I can only verify that for me a single dose of 1.87% Ivermectin for a 200lb person took me from waking up with a headache every morning for almost 6 months since I took the first Pfizer shot that lasted all day, sitting up feeling dizzy, grabbing my cane to stand up with shooting pains in both of my knee joints to hobble to the bathroom, and feeling foggy headed all day for some reason got me back to at least 90% normal feeling in actually less than 24 hours from that first dose.

Tell you what, lay your hand out on a flat table and hit it as hard as you can with a hammer and let me tell you about the placebo effect and convince you that your hand does not really hurt.

Myself I don't care how Ivermectin works. I don't care if the 98.13 percent transport item is in the shape of a pill, or suspended in a paste, or smeared on a dog turd. I easily got the paste down and I have my life back. You are very welcome to think what ever you want and do what ever you think best for you. I can now get back on my motorcycle, wave runner, and after waiting 3 weeks looking for any adverse symptoms, I flew one of my airplanes I had not been comfortable even trying to crawl up in for 6 months. This is just my 2 cents worth of experience I am sharing. You are welcome to ignore and jump to the next post of you like.

Had to revisit this one due to my wife telling me last night they had two patients in the last few weeks in the ICU that transferred in that were taking horse paste trying to prevent Covid. Didn't work, obviously.

To your trials in other countries comment, there have been several studies showing that Ivermectin was ineffective in Covid treatment and prevention, here and abroad. In all honestly I wished it worked, but it's been shown at least for now, it does not. Many people like to tout a study in India that was significantly flawed after they showed they didn't even follow the basics of fundamental study, like using a placebo.

I understand a single dose was a miracle cure for you. Not from Covid...... but from the Covid Vaccine side effects..... 6 month later. Big difference.

Sorry, your hand analogy doesn't work. To simplify, I'm not telling you that your hand doesn't hurt in your cute little story, I'm telling you to describe how whatever you took worked, since YOU say YOU researched it. Well, when I ask tough questions, it seems you don't know how it works. In which the funny thing is, we aren't even talking about it working for or preventing Covid, rather supposed vaccine symptoms.... 6 months later. So just to clarify, you cannot speak for horse paste effects on Covid correct? Because you did not use it to treat covid.

5.4 billion vaccinations have been given, so naturally this phenomenon should have a described mechanism eventually, as with that many shots, there is more than enough potential to address, study, and describe this problem.
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