Federal Jury Convicts Norman Car Dealership Executives of Wire Fraud Conspiracy, Forgery, and Identity Theft


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Nov 3, 2010
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yukon ok
I drive my stuff until it croaks.
Very seldom do i sell them and if i do sell my cars they sell for more than I paid for them.
Except 1 which I sold to a buddy for a bit over $1,000 loss on my end.
1976 Corvette.
I had 4200 in it and sold it to him for 3k.
I then showed him how to port heads and he did that and I had a camshaft made for it ..and we stuck a tall tunnel ram on it with 2 four barrel carbs.

Worth it.
I am not counting the hundreds of hours I had into it making those body lines line up and getting the wavy crap front bumper to look like a Vette should have looked.
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