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Jan 19, 2019
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Jitendra Bahadur Singh <[email protected]>
Sun 4/4/2021 11:14 PM
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Our firm, a global leader in the procurement of financial assets and equipment has vacancy of the Project Manager.

We are searching for experienced professional responsible for directing project members in all aspects of corporate professional activities.

Vacancy No - PM2345/21
Location: per request
Position Type - Regular (Mon-Fri)
Salary Range: $88,000 - $116,000 per year
Remote Work: Yes
Benefits: Full
Start Date: 4/1/21

General Responsibilities
- Manage assigned equipment lease projects to completion, ensuring that all tasks are coordinated and completed within budget and on time
- Establish proper project budget and plan for all assigned projects
- Manage private group meetings with other corporate members to review the status of each task
- Take part in customer group meetings to provide them with overall project status reports

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities
- Demonstrated ability to organize work and develop multiple projects
- Exceptional written and oral skills
- Ability to productively lead cross-functional teams
- Experience of 6+ years in project management is a plus
- U.S. (residents/citizens) only.
If you want to apply and get more details, please email us back with a copy of your resume and submit your contact information to reach you.

Attention, ONLY applicants with resumes will be contacted.


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