Finished the work on the Moss 88 with fiber optic


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Aug 10, 2015
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Can't see it,, but I put a small screw in metal framed fiber optic, to replace the gold bead. The 88 looks slick with the ATI furniture, heat shield, fiber optic and the screwy looking fore grip.
I have some Dark (what I call Russian Red) Red paint for the pump grip if I want to change it later but the darn thing has grown on me. Anyway, putting a light and laser on so she can be a good home defense puppy. I will zero it at 50 tomorrow and see what the holds will need to be at 100 and 25 using slugs. Will figure out later what shot I'll use for the house. Makes all the difference in the world when deciding for home defense. I'll have a side saddle with a couple of rounds of 00 but not planning to use them except an emergency. No practice though. Those 3" buck kills my shoulder. Ha.
For such an inexpensive gun, it runs great. I sanded and smoothed out the action and parts where ever I thought would slick it up, but not much was really needed. Regardless, smooth slide and good trigger. No need to replace a shotgun trigger (IMO) because you pull it not squeeze.
I'm happy with the results. Thanks for humoring me because I was having such fun with this gun.
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