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Oklahoma City FM-45b .45 acp ar pistol


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Mar 19, 2020
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.45 acp
Oklahoma, United States
Up for sale is a Foxtrot Mike's FM-45b. It's an AR pistol chambered in .45 acp.

Billet upper & lower
8.5'' barrel
really cool and easily switched (like five seconds) forward side charging handle
EPT trigger
SBA3 brace
MBUS sights
8'' m-lok foreend
ambi safety
slick slide reciever with no forward assist, the brass deflector can be unscrewed for an even more sleeker platform

Takes Glock .45 acp mags, I'm including two ETS 30 round mags. This gun has only been fired about 20 times, it's definitely still in the break in period.
FM says 500 rounds until everything gets nice and smooth, so i've only been loading the mags 10 rounds deep as per the manual. only shot it twice. Fired flawlessly, but i have heard the Glock mags are better than the ETS ones.

the charging handle is pretty cool, you just yank it out, then put it in on the other side if you want to switch it from right/left. i'm left handed so this gun is perfect for me, i'm just selling to fund another purchase.

Pretty sure I paid $1,000 when AR's were a little pricier than today. Asking $900 (yes i'm asking $950 on armslist)

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