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Fostech Echo Trigger - Review - First Shots and Mag Dump

Discussion in 'Gear Talk' started by nomad636, Dec 12, 2016.

  1. nomad636

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    Dec 1, 2014
    Ok, here is a brief write up of my thoughts regarding the Echo trigger.

    1) The installation was a piece of cake. Hands down the easiest trigger I've ever installed. I believe that it took me a whole 3 minutes and that includes removing the original trigger which was a Geissele SD3G.

    2) The ambi-safety is nice. The off side of the safety is small so that it doesn't interfere while shooting but it is nice and functional. That being said, I've seen some people complaining about how "stiff" their safety is and my thoughts on this is that they have over-tightened it up with the Allen screw. I took mine to snug and it seemed to be the right tension.

    3) In Semi-Auto mode the trigger has a nice approx 4lb pull. I don't have a trigger scale to verify that but it felt comparable to my Hiperfire 24C with the heavy springs. It breaks nicely although there is a little bit of takeup. The over-travel is minimal and less than a standard milspec trigger.

    4) In Echo mode the trigger pull is a little heavier, maybe 5lbs? When you pull the trigger it is still crisp although there is a little more takeup than in semi. The release of the trigger feels a little gritty but I believe that has to do with the disconnect. I feel like if the disconnect were polished it would feel a lot smoother. I'm hoping that after a few hundred rounds it will wear in nicely.

    5) You have to pull the trigger all the way back to get it to release fire. IF YOU DON'T then you will release the trigger expecting it to fire... pull the trigger back again and it won't fire on the pull but the second release. This second cycling of the trigger feels a little gritty. As you can see in the videos below, this is what I'm experiencing when my cadence shifts from smooth double taps to a disjointed one. I'm operating the trigger again so that it will fire on the release.

    6) This trigger is a lot of fun. I prefer using it for double taps vs. using it for simulated full auto. When doing a mag dump, the rifle is easy to control but you won't be nearly as accurate as if your doing controlled pairs. At 50yds with my Holosun Red Dot I was able to put both rounds on target in a 10" plate. When I tried a mag dump at 50 yds.... well, the first two rounds were on target but none of the others were. This muzzle rise was greatly alleviated with the use of a suppressor or quality muzzle brake.

    7) This weekend we put approx 500 rds through the rifle both suppressed and unsuppressed. All in all, the trigger functioned flawlessly... except when I didn't do my part and didn't cycle it fully.

    Well worth the wait!!! I didn't experience any hammer follow whatsoever and I won't expect to. If you don't want to fire the second round it is easy to negate by placing the rifle on safety.

    I haven't had an opportunity to compare it to my buddies BFS trigger yet, but once I do I will place a video on Youtube and update this thread.

    If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask away.

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