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South West OK Freedom Arms Model 83 45 Colt/45ACP


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Nov 3, 2008
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Caddo County
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Oklahoma, United States
This is a FA Premier Grade Model 83 that was made on 2/3/93 and has a new 45 Colt cylinder along with a 45 ACP cylinder, 6” ported bbl, rosewood grips, red fiber optic front and has been upgraded to the replaceable firing pin.

This pistol left the factory with the factory 45 ACP cylinder and a 454 cylinder but the previous owner did not know where he put the 454 cylinder. I sent it back to FA and had them make the 45 Colt cylinder, upgrade the front site and install the replaceable firing pin. I’ll also include a mount I purchased from FA that will fit a Vortex Venom RDS. It will come with the original front site, extra firing pin, and bit to remove/install the firing pin.

Price lowered on 3/6/22. $2400 USPS money order.

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