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Jan 19, 2019
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Wifey got her company supplied chain drive computer today from her IT department.

Had requested a computer with two screens because she works accounting, you know, payroll?
Anyway her IT apparently doesn't want to get paid because they didn't provide the link to VPN in, the equipment she needs or the information from thousands of emails she has filtered at work.

I'm scrambling in among all my stash of comm cables and video cables to make her stuff work.

Back to the subject. I called Best Buy and talked, yes talked, to a very nice and helpful lady about getting some items I didn't have. She said yes they had it and for me to order online to come to the store and get it curbside delivered. Well, I did. At least I thought I did.

I selected the store I wanted and put the stuffies in the shopping cart and proceeded to checkout. Had to sign in to Payfriend, click through all that stuff and it returned me to BB.
I hit Proceed, Place order, Checkout, Yes Dammit! and thought I was done. Since it was in wifey's name it would go to her email.
An hour later without any confirmation and unbeknownst to me the order was not placed because I didn't check the store I wanted to pick it up from even though it checked the frikkin availability from the store I was checking the inventory in.
So now after wifey has her work ready to do, still no way to do it. I checked on the order and found it still in my shopping cart. Went through the whole process again checking the correct store I was checking in the beginning before the website decided it was the wrong store.

Finally on order, Got the confirm from Payenemy and all is right until I go get the stuffies.

Guarandamtee it won't be the right cables either.

Rant over ~sigh~

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