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Oklahoma City FS Walther P99c NS 3Mags Holster Case

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Quail Fat, Sep 12, 2019.

  1. Quail Fat

    Quail Fat Sharpshooter

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    Jun 17, 2005
    Oklahoma City
    Item Name: FS Walther P99c NS 3Mags Holster Case

    Location: central downtown okc area

    Zip Code: 73159

    Item is for: Sale Only
    Sale Price: $350

    Caliber: 9mm Luger

    Willing to Ship: No

    Bill of Sale Required?: No

    Item Description: For sale excellent condition Walther P99c. The gun has Trijicon HD night sights, IWB kydex holster, 3 10rd magazines, one with pinky extension. I have original box, original sights, test target, manual, both backstraps, original box and lock.

    This gun is SA/DA so it can be decocked allowing you to make absolutely certain of your intentions and your target before letting off the first and most important shot.

    Subsequent shots are very crisp and light. The trigger reset is ~1mm (only the 1911 has a shorter reset).

    The pistol is tennifered, proofed and made in Germany.

    This gun stomps a Glock factory trigger and pretty much stomps all triggers excepts a tuned high-end 1911 trigger.

    This P99c will eat all ammo. Steel cases, lacquered cases, aluminium cases, weak ammo, hot ammo, all bullet shapes etc. This gun is 1000% reliable, however if you have a misfire, simply pull the trigger and restrike the primer.

    Walther no longer imports these guns into the USA. This gun has the Walther Arms Fort Smith AR import markings, not the stupid looking Smith and Wesson import marking.

    These guns don’t break, never malfunction and are some of the best polymer pistols made.

    This gun shoots them into the same hole at 7 yards and has approximately 300 rounds through it.


    The IDF says the Walther P99 is the toughest most reliable gun they have issued. They like them so much IMI makes a clone called the MR9. Turkey makes a clone called Canik TP9.

    Tetragon in Canada put 250,000 rounds of +P+ through a P99 with zero breakages, and zero malfunctions.

    The P99 was designed around the .40 S&W cartridge, so it can easily handle a diet of the hottest 9mm ammo without shearing locking blocks, barrel lugs, breaking frame rails, or cracking slides.

    In Europe, Russia, Philipenes, Thailand, Brazil, every where else, the P99 sells for the equivalent of $1000 USD.

    The barrels and slides are hand fitted and lock up tight.

    And most importantly, a toddler doesn’t have the strength to pull the trigger when de-cocked.

    It’s a great gun for the wife’s purse simply because women get distracted, the 3 year old sitting in the shopping cart, bored and pokes around in Mommy’a purse, finds the Glock, squishes the trigger and sends a round into somebody’s eye socket..

    But if the gun is a de-cocked P99, Mommy sees the kid looking down the barrel mashing their thumb against the trigger of a loaded gun, but the gun doesn’t discharge because 11 pounds is too much weight for a 3 year old thumb to pull/squish.

    Price is a stupid low $350 cash

    No Trades

    No holding the gun until you get paid

    No you can’t pay half now then the balance when you get paid

    No I’m not driving 100 miles to meet half way.

    I respond to text only. The first text that says “I have the cash, I’m in OKC, I want to buy the gun”, I will sell it and deliver the gun to the parking lot of anywhere within a 10 mile radius of downtown OKC.

    name is Paul
    ph# 405-202-2252

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  2. Quail Fat

    Quail Fat Sharpshooter

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    Jun 17, 2005
    Oklahoma City

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