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Oct 27, 2010
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in the Boonies
So a friend of mine and his buddy have a hunting lease about 12 miles from my house and they are currently in the panhandle hunting antelope. They said I could hunt the hogs at their place at night while they are gone. They have a few trail cameras that go to their cell phones within about a minute of going off. They gave me the pw so I can also see what shows up there also. Anyway, yesterday I went out there to put a bag of corn out and my son has this small alligator head that I took with me. I reached around the trail cam and slowly moved it up into position and waited for the picture to come through on the cell phone. It probably wasn't even a minute later my phone rings and its my buddy Mike. He says dude are you at the hunting spot, have you seen the pictures that just came through. I say no man, I'm still at work, why whats up? He says it looks like there's a damn alligator on the camera. I start cracking up and I'm like, no way man. He says check the pictures and text me back what you think. So we hang up and I'm freaking rolling! About 2 minutes later he calls me back and I can't even hold it in, I'm just laughing to damn hard. He says, man I called Brandon and told him it looks like there's a damn alligator on the camera and he says back, do you know how f**king stupid you sound right now? omg, maybe you just had to be there, but it was freakin hilarious!

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