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Mar 19, 2020
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How is that a straw man? That is what the people wanting images released are unintentionally asking for…

For the record. I’d castrate all the men involved just to start with. I’m 100% not going to further exploit the victims, intentionally or not because some conspiracy theorists don’t believe. They wouldn’t believe after the evidence was released either. See moon landing, jfk… list goes on and on.
excuse me, exactly what "the evidence" are you referring to when it comes to moon landing and jfk?

the moon landing tapes that were so incredibly important (being ya know, like mankinds greatest feat and all) that they were all literally taped over like last weeks' episode of wheel of fortune?

or the technology so important that the plans, techniques, equipment, and materials required no longer exist?

or do you mean the footage from all the cameras that were seized by the government after jfk's death?

or do you mean the sham of a medical report and the fact his skull fragments are also missing?

seems like a lot of "evidence" you are referring to is in fact "missing". you may take this as "never existed" if you want, but you need to realize lots of people have been asking to see this "evidence" you are referring to and the answer is "oh....uh....we lost it."

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