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Apr 9, 2011
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Where they bust the sod in South Tulsa County.
Via GB I sold a pellet pistol to a woman in Belgium. I've bought firearms, ammo and reloading tools through GB. All were seamless transactions.
Try 1/2 Price Boxes. I found a box there that was perfect for shipping my Beretta carbine to PA.
I used FedEx ground; took it to their store and shipped it; no big deal.


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Mar 19, 2020
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nw okc
they are paying..I saw several tec9's sell for 11-1350, hell a keltec p32 (several of those too) sell for over $300..just ignorant
iirc, there were only like 200,000 of the entire tec9 lineup ever made, even though it was in production for a decent number of years. so breaking that down into the different variations, you are looking at less than 100,000 to maybe 50,000 (i have no idea the exact number) of something like the mini. even fewer number i think for the tec-22, which admittedly is an even crappier firearm, but it takes 10/22 mags and looks cool. that goes pretty far, believe it or not.

$1000 will not get cheaper for a tec-9 of any variety. someone manufactures a brace adapter (not raising red flags here, but from my own *personal* research, making your own *brace* is a no-no. but making your own *adapter* for an already ATF approved brace is okay) that easily screws into the slot in the rear sling plate, and bingo you've got a new life for a meme gun. it'll happen sooner or later. it's just one youtube video away.

that being said, mine has been mostly reliable, haven't shot it much, but dang it is pretty friggin' cool. i wish someone made a grease gun type in the current era. the invictus or whatever doesn't do it for me.
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