Glock Gen 5 Slide Changes

Rick Terhune

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Mar 19, 2007
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Edmond, OK
For a couple of years now I have been mostly between Glocks with only a G20 in 10mm in the safe. Have had many Gen 3 glocks and one Gen 4 over the years but all went away for various reasons.
Got a chance to pick up a Gen 5 17 a year ago and the differences in trigger and ergonomics were readily apparent! Huge improvement in my opinion and fixes most of my issues with Glocks.
So off to the holster box that all long time shooters have to see what works! Out of five holsters only two worked. All else was ill fitting and sticky on the draw?
I had thought the balance felt different and close inspection showed the slide was slightly wider and heavier.
Picked up a Gen 5 19 on a deal in the last 6 months and the same thing happened, only two out of five worked. Loved how the guns shot and felt so no issue there.
Decided I needed a .40 SW in the battery and bought a Gen 5 23. Noticed the gun felt completely different with more weight in the slide then either of the other guns.
None of my G19 holsters came close to working. Compared the slides on the 19 and 23 side by side and the 23 slide is obviously wider and heavier. General configuration is more like the slides on the GAP .45.
I think this was a good move for the 40 because that round can pound Glocks pretty hard but what to do for a holster?
Pulled out the G20 and the slide width was very close so, I pulled out my two G20 holsters. Voila! They worked!
Not perfect but good enough. So a word to the wise, Specify Gen5 When you are getting a holster for the new Glocks!


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Aug 16, 2012
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Weird. I haven't had any gen to gen holster issues with Glock. The holsters I have for my gen 5 19/45 were both used for gen 3/4. They've all been 9mm though.

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