GSSF Style Practice Match 4-10-2021

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Dec 1, 2008
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Moore, OK
The forecast looks great for this Saturday’s match.

Price for the match has been reduced for the first entry to $15. ($10 for OKCGC members). This month we will have an alternate stage setup that may appear at some of the sanctioned national matches.

The following is a repeat of last months info:

The Club board has approved and an application has been submitted to Glock to host an official match in 2022. This is a great way to learn the match procedures for the real one!!

GSSF Style Practice Match.

Here is thread where some questions were answered.

Oklahoma City Gun Club is running recurring monthly event GSSF style practice match at OKC Gun Club. This is a non-sanctioned match shot in the format of the 50 or so outdoor matches Glock Sport Shooting Foundation holds all over the country. These matches are meant to help promote GSSF matches, attract interest from shooters of other disciplines, as well as introduce new shooters into competitive sports shooting.

The matches are held each 2nd Saturday of the month.

For this practice match, you do not have to shoot a Glock, and you do not have to be a member of GSSF or OKCGC (discount for OKCGC members).

For those not familiar with the outdoor format:
It is shot from the low ready, with each stage shot from a single position, under individual control of a Range Officer. Suitable for any experience level and very accommodating for shooters new to competitions. There are 3 separate stages with 3-4 strings of fire each.
Courses of Fire are listed here: Glock Sport Shooting Foundation

Glock rules and format start on page 9 here.

Minimal equipment is needed. Firearm, magazines (4+ preferred but it will work with 2 with some help) case for firearm (oem case is fine), ammo (125ish rounds), and ear and eye protection.

Currently matches will be limited to 60 and will be available on PractiScore about 7 days prior to the match. You can sign up for 2 divisions.

Practiscore link: [URL='’]Home | PractiScore[/URL]

Flier from OKC Gun Club.

The Match Director contact information is in the flyer. I'll also try to answer any question you may have here.


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Sep 1, 2012
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For any of those thinking about attending, these are a lot of fun. I would like to go, but Wanenmacher's is on the same day, and I've made plans to attend. I'll be there next month though.
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