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Special Hen
Oct 13, 2019
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It’s cool to know that there are people here with such amazing collections. Keep them and cherish them and pass them down with the understanding that they stay in the family. Nice pieces like those are only gonna go up in value but even moreso in ownership pride for future generations.

Wish I had kept my dad’s collection. It wasn’t nearly as nice but I didn’t know anything about guns. I kept two 1911s and sold the rest for a pittance at the local gun store. They sure saw me coming. I don’t remember much but I remember getting $40 for a Taurus, $80 for a pump shotgun, $150 for a double barrel shotgun from Brazil, $60 for a Bersa, and $100 for some kind of old foreign rifle that had a bayonet and a hollow stock. The guy at the counter said that not long ago you could buy a pallet of them for about $25 each. He said they’ve gone up but not much. I don’t remember what the deer rifles and Winchester and other shotguns went for. In the end I got $1200. This was back in October of 2019. The shop wouldn’t buy my ammo so they said to sell it here, which I did.

Then I got interested in 1911s and pocket pistols. Bought, sold and traded a bunch over the years. Learned a lot lurking here. Learn more every day.

If I could have any guns, they’d be those that I sold. I actually avoid any of those that match what I think I sold just because they make me sad. That’s why I pretty much only enjoy little oddities but have some common guns that I shoot. I found this thread when looking for info on one of those COPS pistols. They’re pricey but on my list of future hopefuls.

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