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Oklahoma City Handmade Chamber Flags


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Dec 3, 2017
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Kingfisher, OK
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Kingfisher, 73750, El Reno, Oklahoma, United States
My partner (JR777) in crime and I have made these, and I thought I would offer them up here as well...
Empty chamber flags for the range, made of real tail fur, of which I have Raccoon, Bobcat, and Kit Fox, I can do other tails as well, if the interest is there. They sport a real .223 case and bullet, which will fit up to 30 caliber comfortably, so you are able to stick them directly in a hot chamber and not have to worry about them melting. They are all handmade by me, with the idea coming from JR. If these take off, as we think they will, we will start making caliber specific. In the mean time, if you are interested, they are $30, $35 shipped. If shipping is less than $5, then that amount is all that is added for shipping. I can also meet on the NW side of OKC for delivery.

We will soon begin going to the Gun Shows, once they start selling, as we both have different items that we make and sell. I have begun making a few of the items suggested when I mentioned that I was starting a 3D printing business. You will be the first ones with the chance to buy these.


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